Green Key Style 2024- Glitter, Tie-Dye, and Cowboy Boots

Students are abuzz with excitement as they discuss the latest trends and styles that will dominate Green Key 2024. From glitter and vibrant tie-dye to bold cowboy boots, the eclectic mix of fashion inspirations reflects the unique and expressive spirit of the event.

Green Key Style 2024

Green Key gives students a reason to try out new looks just as the weather warms up and the early spring wet days disappear.

The Significance of Fashion at Green Key Celebrations

While professional musicians, student bands, and DJ sets are all part of the Green Key weekend celebrations, Dartmouth students also place a high value on apparel. For some people, the clothes they wear to Green Key events take on equal importance as the performances themselves.

The thrill of making outfit plans is increased, according to Luis Salum ’26, because Green Key falls during week eight of the spring term.  

Due to the fact that the semester is coming to an exciting conclusion, Salum stated, “[The end of the term] adds a little bit of spice to [Green Key], making it a bit more fun than it already is.”

Namitha Alluri ’25, who attended Dartmouth, said she saw firsthand the importance that students focus on fashion during Green Key. She added that the event presents a special chance to play around with style because Dartmouth is a small institution.

“This is a unique occasion,” Alluri remarked. “You want to show up and go all out for it because you want to make memories.”  

Influences and Inspirations: From Music Festivals to Social Media

Alluri acknowledged that her wardrobe and Green Key fashion in general were influenced by the Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. With cowboy boots, a western buckle belt, and a frayed denim dress, she referred to her Green Key ensemble this year as “boho-western chic.”

Prior to Green Key, a lot of clients bought boho-inspired clothes, according to Allison Smith, owner of The Ivy Edit, a clothing store in Hanover.

Smith remarked, “I discovered that many people adore wearing crochet.” “There are undoubtedly a lot of ‘boho’ inspired looks that have a hint of sparkle.”

Smith said that social media plays a big part in shaping Green Key trends.  

Smith mentioned that “a few tops that [The Ivy Edit] had gotten for Green Key went viral.” “If a well-known person wears something once, the store will immediately become aware of it and it will sell out.” 

Emerging Trends- Cowboy Boots, Beaded Necklaces, and Tie-Dye

Ryan Hill ’27 reported noticing a lot of “Western”-“-inspired clothing. 

According to Hill, “One of the biggest consistencies I’ve noticed regarding trends is the significant amount of cowboy boots.” “The country style is really appealing to me, and the boots look amazing.”

Emerging Trends: Cowboy Boots, Beaded Necklaces, and Tie-Dye

The popularity of Beyoncé’s most recent album, “Cowboy Carter,” may have contributed to the Western aesthetic’s growing ubiquity, according to Smith, who observed that “fashion always follows music in a way.”

The reason the Western style has become a part of mainstream fashion, according to Nathan Hill ’27, is because it inspires a romantic emotion.

“I think we’ve reached a point where now, after spending so much time indoors during the [COVID-19 pandemic], we just want to go outside and hang out in the countryside, and we’re really romanticizing that,” he remarked.

Hill claimed to have observed a trend in beaded necklaces at Green Key. He claimed that although the necklaces have recently gained popularity as a means of showing friendship, they originally originated from “indie” TikToks during the COVID-19 epidemic.

“It feels kind of special to wear something that someone else made for me, and I think beaded necklaces are really easy to make yourself or have a friend make for you,” the man remarked. “It matches with everything as well.”

Another recurring tendency at Green Key, according to Jordan Narrol ’25, is tie-dye, particularly with regard to Grateful Dead merchandise.

Narrol stated, “You could sell [clothing] with [your own] versions of the Grateful Dead’s logos on it.” It made it possible for all these amazing artists to support themselves, and years and years later, their tie-dyed clothing is still incredibly popular.  

Tie-dye’s uniqueness thrilled Narrol when she saw it included in Green Key fashion.

According to Narrol, “Every tie-dye is different.” These abstract, sophisticated outcomes are produced by a really straightforward technique that you have. For this reason, even though we’re seeing a lot of tie-dye clothing, each piece has a different design that is both the same and indescribable.

The Role of Media and Pop Culture in Shaping Green Key Styles

Fashion trends have been influenced by certain movies in addition to music CDs and social media. Kara Davis, ’26, claims that the 2023 movie “Saltburn” made an impression on young people with its flashy eye makeup and varied, exposed indie clothes.  

According to Davis, “‘Saltburn’ has definitely fed into our party fashion.” “Especially on clothes, there’s an abundance of glitter and sparkles.”

The “Saltburn” style, according to Alina Chadwick ’24, was disseminated in part by social media.

Chadwick observed, “It’s interesting to see how social media is repurposing trends and really amplifying certain aesthetics in this generation.”

According to Narrol, all things considered, Green Key provides a room for students to play around with fashion and express themselves via their attire.

He declared, “I firmly believe that [Green Key] truly offers people a chance to express themselves in front of their peers.” “I think a lot of people accomplish that through fashion.” 


With styles ranging from cowboy boots and boho-western chic to glitter and tie-dye, Green Key 2024 at Dartmouth College is sure to be a colorful display of unique fashion. This yearly occasion offers students a special chance to express themselves via their clothing while also honoring music and friendship. Major music festivals like as Coachella and Stagecoach, along with current social media trends, have a big impact on the fashions that are seen at Green Key. Green Key continues to be a unique event when style and individual expression take center stage, as students celebrate the conclusion of the spring semester with imaginative and daring dress choices.

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