Top 10 Boho Color Schemes That Will Brighten Up Your Space

Do you want to give your home a touch of bohemian charm? The bohemian or boho color scheme aims to create a warm, inviting, and eclectic atmosphere that reflects your personality and style. In this detailed blog post, we will explore the 10 best boho color schemes that will brighten up your space and add a unique touch to your interior design. Whether you’re redecorating your living room, bedroom, or any other space, these color combinations will help you create the perfect bohemian vibe.

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1. Earthy Neutrals and Warm Terracotta

A hallmark of the boho color scheme is the use of earthy neutral colors as well as warm, rich colors. For this combination, consider colors like sandy beige, creamy white, and deep terracotta. These colors create a comfortable and grounded atmosphere that is both charming and elegant.

Boho Color Schemes

Use sand beige as a base color for larger walls and furniture. Accented with creamy white trim and small decorative items. Finally, add a touch of warm terracotta through pillows, rugs, and artwork.

2. Vibrant Jewel Tones and Soft Neutrals

Jewel tones are a great way to add vibrancy and depth to your boho color scheme. Combine intense emerald green, deep sapphire, and amethyst blue with soft neutral colors like light gray and soft white to balance the intensity.

Vibrant Jewel Tones
Soft Neutrals

Start with a soft white or light gray background to make the space light and airy. Introduce jewel tones through fabrics like curtains, cushions, and throws. This combination brings a touch of luxury and exotic style to your space.

3. Rustic Orange and Muted Greens

Mixing rustic orange with muted greens creates a boho color scheme that is both natural and vibrant. This combination recalls the vibrant colors of the desert landscape, perfect for creating a warm and welcoming space.

Rustic Orange and Muted Greens

Use rustic orange for accent walls or statement pieces, like large pieces of furniture. Incorporate the soft colors of sage and olive green through plants, decorative items, and small furniture. This palette is perfect for those who love a touch of nature in their decor.

4. Soft Pink and Warm Gold

For a boho color scheme that exudes elegance and warmth, consider mixing soft pink with warm gold. This combination creates a sophisticated yet warm ambiance, perfect for bedrooms and living spaces.

Soft Pink and Warm Gold

Use soft pink or blush pink as the main color on walls or large upholstered furniture. Use warm gold in decorative items, such as picture frames, mirrors, and lamps. This combination brings a soft and romantic touch to your space.

5. Bold Black and White with Bright Colors

A classic black-and-white color palette can take on a bohemian twist with bright colors. This combination creates an eye-catching contrast while allowing for creative expression through colorful accents.

Bold Black
White with Bright Colors

Start with a base of black and white, using these colors for walls, large pieces of furniture, and key decor items. Add color with bright turquoise, fiery red, and sunny yellow through pillows, rugs, and artwork. This scheme is vibrant and full of energy, perfect for those who love bold looks.

6. Cool Blues and Warm Browns

Mixing cool blues with warm browns creates a balanced boho color scheme that is both fresh and grounding. This palette is inspired by natural elements like sky and earth, bringing a serene atmosphere to your interior.

Cool Blues
Warm Browns

Use sky blue or navy blue as the dominant color on walls or large pieces of furniture. Introduce warm browns and taupes through wooden furniture, textiles, and decorative accents. This combination is perfect for creating a calm and serene space.

7. Playful Pastels and Bright White

For a fresh and airy boho color scheme, consider using playful pastels with bright white. This palette creates a light and cheerful atmosphere, perfect for small spaces or rooms with plenty of natural light.

Playful Pastels
Bright White

Start with crisp white as a base color for walls and larger rooms. Add pastel shades like mint green, pink and lavender through small decorative items, textiles, and accessories. This scheme brings a whimsical and inspiring feel to your space.

8. Rich Burgundy and Sweet Cream

For a rich and inviting boho color scheme, try mixing a deep burgundy with a soft cream. This palette is perfect for creating a relaxed and intimate ambiance that is both elegant and comfortable.

Rich Burgundy and Sweet Cream

Use soft cream as the main color for walls and larger rooms to make the space feel lighter. Use a rich burgundy on accent walls, textiles, and decorative items. Add a touch of dusty rose for added warmth and depth.

9. Ocean teal and sand beige

Inspired by the beach, an ocean teal and sand beige color palette brings a fresh, coastal vibe to your bohemian decor. This combination is perfect for creating a calm and relaxing space.

Ocean teal and sand beige

Use sand beige as a base color for walls and large pieces of furniture. Use ocean teal on textiles, artwork and small decorative items. Add a pop of coral pink for a vibrant contrast. This plan is perfect for those who prefer a coastal, casual style.

10. Forest Green and Mustard Yellow

For a bold and vibrant boho color scheme, try mixing forest green with mustard yellow. This palette is perfect for creating a dynamic environment full of character.

Forest Green and Mustard Yellow

Start with forest green as the main color on walls or larger rooms. Use mustard yellow on textiles, decorative objects, and small furniture. Use ivory for trim and accents to balance the bright colors. This combination brings a vibrant and eclectic feel to your space.


Creating a bohemian color palette involves mixing warm, inviting colors with vibrant accents to reflect your unique style. These 10 best bohemian color schemes offer a variety of options to suit every taste and space. Whether you prefer earthy neutrals, vibrant jewel tones, or playful pastels, there is a bohemian color palette that will brighten up your home and bring a touch of bohemian charm.

Remember, the key to a successful bohemian color palette is balance. Mix and match these colors with confidence and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through in your decor choices. Decorate with happiness!


Modern Meets Boho


1. What is the boho color scheme?

Answer: Boho color scheme schemes usually feature a mix of earthy neutral tones and vibrant, eclectic colors. The goal is to create a warm, inviting, and generous environment that reflects a free and artistic lifestyle.

2. How do I choose the right boho color scheme for my space?

Answer: Consider the size and natural light of your space as well as your personal preferences. Start with a neutral base and add colors that reflect your style. Look to nature, travel, and art for inspiration to find color combinations that appeal to you.

3. Can I mix different boho color schemes in the same room?

Answer: Yes, mixing different boho color schemes can add depth and interest to a room. Just be sure to maintain balance by using complementary colors and cohesive elements like textiles or decorative items.

4. What are some tips for incorporating bright colors without overwhelming the space?

Answer: Use bright colors as accents instead of primary colors. For example, you can incorporate bright colors through pillows, rugs, artwork, or small decorative items. Keep larger rooms and walls in more neutral colors to balance the look.

5. How to incorporate bohemian colors into a small space?

Answer: In small spaces, use light and bright colors to create a feeling of openness. Soft pastels and bright white colors can help make the space feel larger and airier. Add pops of bright color with small accent pieces and decor.

6. What materials and textures work well with bohemian colors?

Answer: Natural materials and textures like wood, rattan, linen, and wool complement bohemian colors well. Mix and match different textures to add depth and interest. Think woven rugs, macramé hangings, and wooden furniture.

7. Can a boho color scheme work in a modern home?

Answer: Absolutely! Bohemian color schemes can blend seamlessly with modern decor, including clean lines and minimalist furniture with bohemian colors and textures. This creates a sleek, contemporary look with a touch of bohemian style.

8. How to maintain a cohesive look with a boho color scheme?

Answer: To maintain consistency, choose a few key colors and repeat them throughout the space in different variations. Use a mix of patterns and textures that share a similar color palette. Balance bright and neutral colors to ensure the space doesn’t feel too busy.

9. Are bohemian colors suitable for every room in the house?

Answer: Yes, bohemian colors can be adapted to any room in the house, from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Customize color intensity and balance to match the function and mood of each room.

10. Where can I find decorative items that match my boho color scheme?

Answer: Look for decorative items at home decor stores, vintage boutiques, online marketplaces, and craft markets. DIY projects and upcycled items can also add unique touches to your bohemian-inspired space. Find pieces that reflect your personal style and match your chosen color palette.

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